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30 Seconds:

30 seconds is a nerv wrecking game in which you have to clear the level or make a goal within the given time of 30 seconds. Will you make it in time ?
You can use various bonuses to make the job a little bit easier.
But look out! Some bonuses will make it even harder for you to finish the level in time.
Bonuses include smaller/larger bat, multi balls, fire ball, sticky bats and even a real gun mounted on your bat.
There are several opponents which you have to defeat like soccer players, icehockey players and even nice bikini girls.



Airforce 1 Save the cities:

Defend the major cities of the world against all enemy evil.

This will include dogfights in Venice, Tokyo, Miami and some more inviting places.



Airforce 3 Mission to Iraq

Iraq has invaded all neighbouring countries, free these countries from dictatorship and at the end wipe out the streets off Baghdad from all enemie forces..