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Buy your own Source Files of iGuardian or Mortal Skies


- Are you a developer ?

- Do you want to create iphone games, but you're not sure where to start ?

- Maybe you never developed with Objective C

- Do you want to start creating high end games right away, without spending months on research ?

- You don't know how to create state of the art graphics ?


We offer you the possibility to start right away, getting your game to the appstore in weeks by selling the sourcecode of iGuardian and/or Mortal Skies for you to use for your own personal development of games.

As a bonus you will receive some Maya files so you can create state of the art 3d rendered graphics.


You will receive:

- The whole project folder, containing everything you need (source files, graphics, sounds, libraries etc.)

- Just compile and run the project and your app is ready for you to start modifying.


iGuardian package

- Allows you to use all ingame graphics (except the SplashScreen)


Mortal Skies package

- Allows you to use all ingame graphics (except the SplashScreen, Bosses, HUD and BackGrounds)

- Contains Mortal Skies Maya files of the actual planes in the game. Just alter them and you will have your own state of the art graphics.



These packages will save you months and months of your valueable time at a fraction of the cost.



For further info please contact:


Erwin Jansen

Jos Verlindenstraat 20

3910 Neerpelt