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iGuardian is a classic 2D shooter in which you will guard the safety of your people.

The world has gone mad and several countries have combined to invade your country.

Your job is to fight them off and destroy them.


You will have the choice to fight them with a AH64 Attack Helicopter, a F22 fighter jet or the good old F-6F HellCat , but beware : All planes have their advantages and their disadvantages.


In 5 great levels you will fight all sorts of enemies as well as in air as on the ground. Fly over frozen landscapes , engage enemies above the desert, over water and much more.

At the end of each level a huge endboss will arise to fight you one on one.


To make life a little more easy on you you can collect bonusses to upgrade your guns , health and even pick up heat seeking missiles.


Controlling your plane is done by touch/swiping your iphone/ipod screen or by using the accelerometer.


Difficulty settings can be adjusted using a slider bar(100 different positions) so you can set the difficulty to your own personal preferences.


Good Luck.


If you are a fan of these kind of games then you are going to love this. The fact you can play it on your iPhone whether you have the latest iPhone 4 or not, makes it even better. Whenever you get a spare minute you can quickly get your phone out and have a game. Never again will you be bored having this game on your phone.





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iGuardianLite (FREE)


iGuardianLite contains the first Level of the full game. (see first 2 snowy screenshots above).

iGuardianLite will also contain a global highscore submittal functionality. This functionality will also be available soon in the first Full Game update.



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iGuardianLite and the next update of iGuardian will contain global highscore functionality.


You can submit your highscore via your iPhone/iPod and compare it with other players worldwide.


Compete to be the best iGuardian player in the world.




Goto global iGuardianLite highscores



Goto global iGuardian highscores